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  •  always within 15 minutes before the service get yourself set up. Be ready with hands on. Avoid using the service times for using for the first time or as a learning session. 
  • be ready with the downloadable service sheets to take part in the mass  meaningfully.  
  • You can always have a practice session before or after masses on normal days

Pastoral Letter by the Archbishop to be announced in all churches and chapels for this weekend  download below

Message from the Metropolitan  Bishops Conference of England and Wales for this weekend click here

Popes Message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations click here 

Archdiocese of Birmingham website for Vocations information click here 


To Join click here , or enter zoom id 450 188 0791  enter pass word 769512 - always come early enough before the service get yourself set up, be ready with the downloadable service sheets to take part in them meaningfully.  If you are coming in at the last minute or late, please make sure you are muted otherwise you will be disturbing all others during mass coming in and then trying to settle yourself up. Best advice is to come early before mass begins!! 

These are live interactive services done for the very first time probably anywhere! We hope you will appreciate them. They are not for the broadcast of the parish, people or the priest. But an attempt of the parish at the service of one another, the church and the world in these very trying times!!   



  • Saturday evening - Vigil for Sunday 6pm Kindly see the weekly newsletter as masses alternate between the two churches for Sundays. Also some masses for the week are with zoom and just two masses without zoom. 
  • ADORATION - THURSDAYS, 11.30 - 12.00 (soon after mass and communion), except First Thursdays.  First Wednesdays of the Month Adoration will be in St Hugh's Woodstock 11.30 -12.00 (soon after mass and communion).

  • Rosary we use to have from 6.00 - 6.30 during the lock down, will now be a private prayer as we get back to our normal routine of saying the Rosary before the evening mass 6pm. Those attending mass will recite the Rosary in private as they prepare for mass. 

Daily Mass normally 11am

Please Note that the mass in Woodstock is on Wednesdays and is open to public by reservation and is on zoom. The rest are in Kidlington during the week, and open to public on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All masses are on zoom except for Tuesdays and Saturdays. Find below the readings proper, for your own preparation for mass, prayer and reflection 

Click here, or enter zoom id 450 188 0791  to join enter pass word 769512

This week, 3rd Week of Easter - Prayers and Readings for the Masses 

Kindly note that there is no day mass on Saturdays, as we hold the Sunday Vigil mass on Saturday evening.  




Maundy Thursday
1st April 2021  

Woodstock 5pm (not zoomed),
Kidlington 7pm (with zoom)

Kindly reserve your seat in church with confirmation, if you plan to attend church please 

Why do we celebrate it? what is significant and why it is important. 

  • Institution of the Holy Eucharist - not just a symbol, a remembrance or doing as Jesus did 
  • Institution of the Holy Priesthood - Ordained ministry, not simply a functional or a communal priesthood  
  • Commandment (mandate) of Love and service - Washing of the feet in service for God, not a seduction to our ways
  • Keeping watch with the Lord in his Passion, Death & Resurrection and so with him The Resurrection is ours too!! 


Good Friday, 
2nd April 2021

Solemn Service at Kidlington 3pm - The only day that Holy Mass is not celebrated in the life of the Church. And in normal times, one concentrated service in a community

Why do we celebrate it? What is significant and why is it important. 

  • To enter into the true meaning of his suffering what it meant to him. Why did Jesus submit himself to such cruelty!
  • One with his spirit praying with him for the needs of the world 
  • Triumph of the cross -  stumbling block to some, folly to the gentiles, but to those who believe,  its life giving! 
  • We enter into the sacramental communion with him, who is our Saviour and our Life. 

Easter Vigil

Saturday, 3rd April 2021

Woodstock 6pm 

 Kindly reserve your seat in church with confirmation, if you plan to attend church please

Why do we celebrate it? What is significant and why is it important 

  • Christ the Light of the World - The Risen Lord, dispels the darkness in our lives. Brings clarity, meaning and purpose to our otherwise obscure life and living. 
  • Christ the fulfilment of the scriptures and all human longing - Its not simply a mythical story or an imagination, or a wanting for a happy ending of the story of Jesus. Believers cooked it up 
  • Christ gives his life and make us share in his life - It is true not just for yesterday, but for today and tomorrow. 
  • Christ calls the whole church to the table which the Lord prepared for his people through his death and resurrection. Now this table is not simply eating and drinking but life giving at its best humanly possible as was on the cross. 

This Sunday, 18th April 2021


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