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Marriage Preparation and Counselling Services Update

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Some Other Events and Resources For Your Interest  & Witnessing! 
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  •  A good site for bible study (catholic) - 'Come and see' click here
  • CTK information - Eco Church, COP 26 Festival click here
  •  Read the Pentecost edition of the Diocesan Publication 'SOWER' Magazine click here
  •  Kenelem Youth Ministry In the Diocese News click here 
  • Archdiocese of Birmingham events news click here & diary dates below (taken from the Archdiocese of Birmingham events page) 

10/11 July.  Online Scripture & Spirituality Conference 
July/August. Holy Land Pilgrimage hosted by the Young Catholic Adult Network 
24/26 Sept. Family Retreat for Catholic families 
Sat 25 Sept. National Mass for the Guild of Saint Stephen 

  • Join Pope Francis in the Rosary Marathon for an End to COVID-19 click here
  •  Climate Change Toolkit (forwarded by Penny Pedley from CTK) click here
  •  Act now and stop disability abortion up to birth in NI. Earlier this year the Northern Ireland Assembly voted on the Severe Fetal Impairment Abortion (Amendment) Bill and it passed Second Stage by 48 votes to 12.The Northern Ireland Health Committee is now undertaking a consultation on the Bill and is seeking submissions from the public. It is important that as many people as possible submit to the consultation in support of the Bill to clearly show that there is widespread support for this important change. Right To Life UK has set up an easy-to-use tool on their website that makes it simple to complete your submission. You can do so by following the link below. It only takes 30 seconds! click here for the consultation Daniel Turner, Right to life UK +44 (0) 1732 460911
  • Let us DreamThe Spirituality Committee  of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has produced a series of reflections based on Pope Francis’ book Let Us Dream for both individual and group use. See below the download. Here's a good link that explains it click here 
  • Holy Hour & Reflection for Corpus Christi shared by the Archbishop 
  •   Birmingham Justice and Peace new website click here 
  •  Archdiocese of Birmingham news  click here
  • Discover the rosary mysteries for Our Lady of Silence - Rosary of the Silence of Jesus and Mary click here 
  •  News from Bishop's Conference in England & Wales click here
  • To support the faithful during the pandemic, The CTS New Sunday Missal 2021 is now £1.99Click here