Sacrament of Baptism

Sacrament of First Confession

Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacrament of Marriage

Sacrament of Ordination

Sacrament of Anointing of the sick

 The Books that are used as learning and study guides must have the Catholic Printing Authority given by the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimartur under the publishers page.  It looks like this (see image below) for any recomended authorised book on the teaching of the faith

Recommended Catholic Publishers

Teaching / Catechesis help from Parish  

Fr Prem will be readily available for your questions, clarifications and explanations on anything pertaining to the faith or the parish sacramental programme. Do drop him an email asking your question  - Your question will be answered on a Sunday during mass with no reference to you at all so that everyone will have the opportunity to learn. 

Depending on the questions that come and requests made, he may organise special session with other catechists of the parish to serve the purpose. 

If you are keen and interested then there will be more to come!! 

So you seek the faith and a better understanding on demand. It is all there ready awaiting for you, you need to simply ask, search and find!! 

  • Choose your learning book and get it approved by Fr Prem  and discuss the programme 
  • You can ask your questions, seek explanation and clarification directly from Fr Prem 
  • You are welcome to show your work book and progress time and time again to the end.  

Parishioners who have volunteered to help with Catechesis f 


Mary Guilgunn-Jones & Karen Molloy 


Lena Shams & Rania Naiser 

INVITAION FOR THE PARISH TO JOIN THE CATECHISTS: As I have requested many times, we are in need of those who practice the faith faithfully to be good catechists for the parish. If you wish to volunteer in the catechesis of our children in the parish, kindly email Fr Prem Please. Your help and support will be much valued and appreciated. 

Sacramental Programmes in the Parish 

it is mainly for the parishioners, families of the parish

& those attending the parish school 

(During these challenging time when we cannot have a whole class service it is important one goes to one's own parish for the services  so that it could be celebrated in small bubbles and in more than one place ) 

'Parents are the First Teachers of the Faith' 

It is the privilege & the duty of the Catholic Schools to teach the faith, and help children learn and grow with the faith, it is the purpose for which they are set up as a faith school

Parishes are the living communities of the faith, nurtured and nourished! Coming together each Sunday is the best preparation for the sacraments, it is the best way to belong to the Church and to the parish community.
Without Sunday the sacraments will loose its efficaciousness, purpose, worth and value! 

By very celebration of the sacraments meaningfully and purposefully in our day to day life and living, wherever we are, is the witness and the mission of the church. The true disciples of the Church!! 

Sacrament of Baptism

If you wish to ask for the Sacrament of Baptism your first contact is the Parish Priest; Fr Prem Fernando 

Infant Baptisms 

In the Catholic Church it is a long standing tradition to ask for infant baptisms as it is the gateway for the sacramental life that so precious an inheritance for the Catholic. God's call to the whole of humanity to become a child of God, and to take that path entering the sacramental life is not denied even to an infant who is totally dependent on the mother and the father, is now not denied. In fact for every loving, responsible parent it is the first and the last treasured inheritance they would wish to give their children. The infant baptisms are an expression of such longing of the parents. 

For this very reason many parents baptise their children within weeks and months a child is born. Normally infant baptisms are carried out in the life of the church by discipline before a child reaches the school going age.  When passed this age, they will simply have to wait desiring adult baptism which known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA Programme) which is taken up by them after they are adults, and seek the faith on their own accord.  

Once the Parish Priest is contacted and the programme is arranged, the Parish Catechist for the sacrament of Infant Baptisms, Irma Foster will get in touch with the parents to prepare them for the sacrament. 

Adult Baptisms - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)  Programme

Normally this Programme needs a few months of preparation ideally leading up to the stages of scrutiny in lent and  their baptisms at the Easter Vigil service.  

If you wish to be a Candidate or support the RCIA programme in the parish kindly contact the Parish Priest first. 

Sacrament of First Confession / First Reconciliation 

You can ask for the sacrament individually or as a bubble or as a school. Once enrolled, catechised, prepared and ready you can arrange a suitable time and date with Fr Prem  to celebrate the sacrament following safeguarding and safety guidelines. Simply email Fr Prem. 

The Sacrament of first Confession / Reconciliation for the school - Tuesday, 25th May 2021 3.30pm

 Kindly  See pre-requisites below for further information 

Learning and Teachers/parents Material recommended  

What the parish used in recent years  form publishers Our Sunday Visitor (

Please note there are also the teaching/ parent guides too

Diocesan Education Service Booklet for Yr 3 
- download below 

Sacrament of First Holy Communion 

You can ask for the sacrament individually or as a bubble or as a school and for your own style of preparation  (see details below under pre-requisites). Once enrolled, catechised, prepared and ready you can arrange with Fr Prem a suitable date to receive the sacrament at any of the parish masses; ideally on a Sunday. Kindly email Fr Prem to arrange it. 

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion for the school Sunday 4th July 2021, 3.30pm, confessions 1st July 3.30 and 2nd July rehearsals 7pm 

 All celebrations will following safeguarding and pandemic safety guidelines at the time.

Kindly See pre-requisites below

Sacrament of Confirmation 

You can ask for your own suitable sacramental preparation individually or as a bubble or as a school. Once enrolled, catechised, prepared one may receive the sacrament of confirmation when it is celebrated for the parish by the Bishop. It is normally the

The Sacrament  of Confirmation - for those who were due last year - 11th July 2021, 3.30pm, Confessions on the 6th July 3.30pm, and rehearsals 8th July 7pm

 The Sacrament of Confirmation for the school for Yr 6 this year - 18th July 2021, 3.30pm, Confessions 13th July 3.30pm and rehearsals 15th July 7pm

 Kindly See pre-requisites below

Diocesan Education Service Booklet for Yr 6
- download below  

What the parish used in recent years  form publishers Our Sunday Visitor ( 

Please note there are also the teaching/ parent guides too

Other Recommended Books  -  From Redemptorist publications

What the parish used in recent years  form publishers from Gracewing publications

Please note there are also the teaching/ parent guides too 

Pre-requisites for the sacraments of reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation

  • Enrol - Contact Fr Prem and let him know that you are taking up an authorised and approved preparation (catechesis) programme (one of 1, 2, 3, given below) in view of receiving the sacrament. For this purpose you must be a Baptised Catholic and must present the candidate's baptism certificate. School shall let the parish know well in time the names of the candidates enrolled through the school with copies of their baptism certificates. 
  • Proof of Preparation - Catechesis (There are three options, and 1,2 are mostly recommended for those not in the Parish School, but it is open to them as well if there be a genuine need)
        1.  Home Teaching and Schooling the sacramental preparation - Prepare the child at home following the official teaching of the catholic church through authorised and approved teaching and learning material. This can be discussed with the parish priest at the enrolment.  - In this case the Parent/s will be held responsible before God, for handing down the correct teaching of our faith. 
        2.  Learning and teaching done in groups, bubbles. One or two parents may come together with their children with or without a volunteer catechist of the parish and so prepare their children following an approved and authorised teaching and learning material.  This can be discussed with the parish priest at the enrolment. - Those who lead the teaching will share the responsibility with the parents before God, for handing down the correct teaching of the faith to our children and the future generations. 
        3.  Preparation and catechism done in and through the Parish Catholic School which comes under the Archdiocesan Education Service. It therefore has to follow a preparation programme for the sacraments inbuilt to the school curriculum, and so catechise and prepare the children for the sacraments. This fulfils the purpose of having Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese. In this case the school teachers (catholic and non catholic teachers) together with the parents are held responsible before God, for handing down the correct teaching of the faith to our children and the future generations.  

 Photographs and celebration (only a cake) for First Holy Communion and Confirmation parents to come together and organise appropriately. Please do let Fr Prem know well in time (not at the last minute please)  if you plan to do so Thank you